Trip to Lime Cay

On April 2, 2017  I made my first trip to Lime Cay. Growing up I’ve always seen the mystic island but, from a distance and on every occasion I would strain my eyes just to try and see just a little more of the festivities happening. It was a Sunday and I had just finished up doing a shoot and had no other plans. I was travelling by foot and was on my way to the bus terminus when a familiar face greeted me. Pierrce an old friend of mine waved in my direction and when we had greeted each other he told me he and some friends were on their way to go out Lime Cay and if i wanted to join.  The day was young and filled with much potential to be a great experience.

We met with the others over by Port Royal were we linked up with the captain and his son who was also his first mate. After a couple last minute checks the captain signaled for them to release the anchor and we tugged out to main sea. After clearing the reef the captain relinquished his post and jr stepped up. It was pure amazement and a true experience as we made our way to the island. Shrieks of joy rang in our ears as the water splashed from below us spraying us with water as our junior captain navigated through each wave. Continue reading


Shooting Felicia

Late last year Felicia contacted me via my IG business page (@unikfotografi) , saying she was visiting  Jamaica for a few days to attend a local party and she wanted to do a collaborated shoot. Fel expressed that she was a model from Florida and that after seeing my page she wanted to work with a local photographer. Elated to hear what she had to say because it would have been my first time working with a model out of island. After conversing with her over a series of days via whatsapp we settled and anticipated the day. We arranged to meet up the day before the shoot just to get acquainted and to have a face to face meeting but due to time restrains we left the formalities for the next day.

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Nathaniel XoXo Roxanne Manning

He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.
– Leo Tolstoy

Nathaniel called me and asked what my wedding packages were like and how do persons set appointments and get in contact with me. Odd, because Nathaniel is an old friend and I wasnt aware he was currently seeing someone much-less to be engaged. After a long conversation on the phone in mid sentence he said, “ok kool, so I getting married and I want you as my photographer lets set an appointment date so u can meet the Mrs. to be. Huge surprise! when I saw Nathaniel and Roxanne walking up to me hand in hand, love struck and smiling as bright as their jaws allowed. We met and discussed all of the days proceedings from the preparation of the bride to the wedding and reception. Continue reading

Dancehall Jouvert – Photoshoot

Glen from zimi tickets called me saying he had a party to promote so he needs a photographer for a shoot he is planning. He explained that normally they would use in house photographer but, their original photographer was unable to make it but he recommended me as his replacement. I listened to him and in all of his explanation the only thing that i noted was the time he wanted to shoot (which was 7:30 the next morning) eventually I agreed to take the job  and he sent me the information and contact of those who would be present at the shoot.  I packed my bag and retired for the rest of the night. Continue reading

Danielle March Portrait Session

Sunday morning I’m laying on my couch browsing through social media platforms entertaining myself, just taking the sunday off for rest. A good friend of mine, Dani calls me and ask me what my plans for the rest the day were, which in no surprise there was none. She expressed similar sentiments and explained that she wanted to attempt a photo shoot idea we had mocked up months before but never got around to doing. After a few minutes of deliberation we made plans to meet up later that day to see what we could accomplish. Continue reading

Downtown Waterfront Sunrise

         Last week Friday morning I woke unusually early around 3:30am with a great desire to be active and to explore. I figured since I was in such a adventurous mood i would try my hand at the sunrise that morning, but where ? Where would i camp and observe the sun as it blessed the day with its warmth?

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Kyla’s Graduation

Kyla and I met a couple months back when she visited my church along with some friends. I had taken a few photos of them and shared it with them. Fast forward to October when I got an email from a mutual friend of ours saying Kyla wants to get in touch with me. Ecstatic, I replied and  soon after I heard from Kyla and she explained to me that her graduation was coming up and she wanted a few shots after the ceremony with family and friends as a last hoorah to the university. The complication arose when she said she was home in Trinidad and wasn’t coming down until the day before graduation.  Continue reading