Trip to Lime Cay

On April 2, 2017  I made my first trip to Lime Cay. Growing up I’ve always seen the mystic island but, from a distance and on every occasion I would strain my eyes just to try and see just a little more of the festivities happening. It was a Sunday and I had just finished up doing a shoot and had no other plans. I was travelling by foot and was on my way to the bus terminus when a familiar face greeted me. Pierrce an old friend of mine waved in my direction and when we had greeted each other he told me he and some friends were on their way to go out Lime Cay and if i wanted to join.  The day was young and filled with much potential to be a great experience.

We met with the others over by Port Royal were we linked up with the captain and his son who was also his first mate. After a couple last minute checks the captain signaled for them to release the anchor and we tugged out to main sea. After clearing the reef the captain relinquished his post and jr stepped up. It was pure amazement and a true experience as we made our way to the island. Shrieks of joy rang in our ears as the water splashed from below us spraying us with water as our junior captain navigated through each wave. We waved and greeted other boats as we pulled closer to Lime Cay, which by now was no longer an island covered in mist. It had now cleared and the lush island presented itself, the trees full stretched in the direction of the sun, the wind whistling around the coast and the water looked cool and inviting.

We made anchor alongside the other boats . It was a short swim to the island itself, but I chose to enjoy myself on board the boat with some of the others while a handful of us to on the challenge. We enjoyed the rest of the evening bathing in good vybz, great music, refreshing swim and the sheer pleasure of being at sea. The sun drew nigh and the others returned to the boat and we regrouped, made our checks to ensure everything was in place for our journey back to shore. The ride in was a real wind down as most of us had been exhausted from the frolicking earlier but my amazement held me as the sun made its final appearance below disappearing beyond the horizon and the stars replaced the void the suns rays filled.

We made dock over Port Royal and after a few songs to close of the day we bid each other good bye and made our way to the cars. The day was a memorable one, and even though it was unplanned, everything went according to plan. One thing learnt from the experience is that it is unbelievably difficult to capture a properly framed and straight photo while trying to balance yourself on a speeding boat. Apart from having to dodge a few mist that barged over the sides of the boat threatening to take my camera to see, the day couldnt have gotten much better for a Sunday.


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