Shooting Felicia

Late last year Felicia contacted me via my IG business page (@unikfotografi) , saying she was visiting  Jamaica for a few days to attend a local party and she wanted to do a collaborated shoot. Fel expressed that she was a model from Florida and that after seeing my page she wanted to work with a local photographer. Elated to hear what she had to say because it would have been my first time working with a model out of island. After conversing with her over a series of days via whatsapp we settled and anticipated the day. We arranged to meet up the day before the shoot just to get acquainted and to have a face to face meeting but due to time restrains we left the formalities for the next day.

The day of the shoot arrived and as early as the sun appeared we were in contact with each other pumped and excited for the evenings events. We both arrived at the location high-spirited and eager to start shooting. After a few minutes of preparation setting up the lights and outfit we began shooting and when i gave the go ahead to start it was if my camera fell in love. Image after image Felicia gave nothing but sensual and strong poses.  We took a few breaks to review the images and see if there was anything we could change to enhance it, and after a few more shots we called it wraps and departed  our separate ways.

Eventful and tiring was the evening but nonetheless we enjoyed  the shoot and socialization. We ran into a few bumps throughout the shoot but nothing we couldn’t solve on spot. After opening the images  I realized a few discrepancies in the background which only infuriated me because it meant more post work for me to do . Other than those few things I enjoyed the experience and cant wait to switch the script and visit her for a shoot.


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