Nathaniel XoXo Roxanne Manning

He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.
– Leo Tolstoy

Nathaniel called me and asked what my wedding packages were like and how do persons set appointments and get in contact with me. Odd, because Nathaniel is an old friend and I wasnt aware he was currently seeing someone much-less to be engaged. After a long conversation on the phone in mid sentence he said, “ok kool, so I getting married and I want you as my photographer lets set an appointment date so u can meet the Mrs. to be. Huge surprise! when I saw Nathaniel and Roxanne walking up to me hand in hand, love struck and smiling as bright as their jaws allowed. We met and discussed all of the days proceedings from the preparation of the bride to the wedding and reception.

The day came and  Roxanne prepared for one of the biggest days in her life, she was going to marry them man who would love and protect her for the rest of her life. The sun seemed to shine a bit brighter that day as the Bride exited the car, smile gleaming behind her veil , hands steady and calm as if she had done it a thousand times. She entered the church and walked down the aisle, greeted by her fiance they faced the Pastor and the wedding’s proceedings was on the way. Throughout the wedding you could see Nathaniel gently gripping Roxanne’s hands giving her a smile and it was evident that even through a smile he was able to help calm her. The time came for the big kiss and when the Pastor gave the permission for Nathaniel to kiss his wife, he hesitated not and hugged his wife, dipped her back and planted one for the congregation to see, and after what seemed like eternal kiss to everyone he emerged a new married man.


We left the church and went to Emancipation Park where we captured a few family photos and the newly wed gave onlookers a clear view of their love for each other as the frolicked and laughed the entire evening. In all the day was a great one, filled with love and laughter as two lives became one. I wish Nathaniel and Roxanne all the best in this new chapter in their lives and I can’t wait to do their anniversary shoot.


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