Dancehall Jouvert – Photoshoot

Glen from zimi tickets called me saying he had a party to promote so he needs a photographer for a shoot he is planning. He explained that normally they would use in house photographer but, their original photographer was unable to make it but he recommended me as his replacement. I listened to him and in all of his explanation the only thing that i noted was the time he wanted to shoot (which was 7:30 the next morning) eventually I agreed to take the job  and he sent me the information and contact of those who would be present at the shoot.  I packed my bag and retired for the rest of the night.

Early the next morning around 5:30 my phone rang a few times before it stopped. Knowing I had a long extensive day ahead of me I ignored the calls. After I had finished getting ready and was heading out to the location where we would shoot, I realized that it was the organizer that called earlier. I returned his call thinking that probably plans changed or something went wrong, when in truth he was just calling to see if I was a good to go for the shoot which I found a bit unusual.

Drove up to the location and with a little resistance from the security I eventually was allowed onto the compound. Arriving earlier has its advantages as I was able to scout the area and visualize the possible areas and items of interest we could use for the shoot. One of the models (Aliyah)  arrived and we spoke a bit as the other models and make-up artiste (Shaphawa Hilton) arrived. Ironically enough Richard and Dexter who had been the ones to call from 5:30 were the last ones to reach and soon enough we began to organize. As we waited on the make-up artiste to complete the models faces we sat and talked since it was my first time meeting any of them .

While waiting, I realized that the clouds had become over cast which not only killed all natural lighting I had hoped to use but now posed a threat to rain out the shoot. We decided that rain or shine we would work something out. In the midst of the first models set the clouds opened sending drenching rain to dampen our mood, but quick thinking and  a little innovation afforded us the chance to continue shooting despite the rain which by the end of the set we realized added to the  background of the photo.

The rain paused intermittently giving us only a few minutes to shoot before rain pellets were heard hitting tree tops but those few moments were golden as the place looked freshly washed giving each image its own unique look.  The models posed and laughed as we would often pause for cars to pass before resuming. The shoot ended around mid day and after reviewing the images and packing up we bid our farewells and departed.

The day itself was a very eventful one but none the less an experience I wont be forgetting anytime soon. Big ups to the Dancehall Jouvert girls yall rocked the shoot.

Photographer: Stefan Ramdial

Creative Director: Richard Goulborne

Asst(s) : Danielle & Dexter

Models: Rochelle, Kyla & Aliyah

Make-up artiste: Shaphawa Hilton


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