Danielle March Portrait Session

Sunday morning I’m laying on my couch browsing through social media platforms entertaining myself, just taking the sunday off for rest. A good friend of mine, Dani calls me and ask me what my plans for the rest the day were, which in no surprise there was none. She expressed similar sentiments and explained that she wanted to attempt a photo shoot idea we had mocked up months before but never got around to doing. After a few minutes of deliberation we made plans to meet up later that day to see what we could accomplish.

Later that day we linked up and after a few minutes of exchanging words we were off to complete the task. We reached the location and the sun was peaking at the time so we found a cool spot and waited for some cloud cover. While we sat and waited on the clouds to roll in front the sun I realized that the ambiance created around my friend was fascinating and I began to take snaps with my phone  until i realized that my camera would have given me much better images. Thus the machine was risen out of its casing and we began shooting. Even though it wasn’t planned we spent all evening taking candid photos totally forgetting the main objective of us being there,  and at the end of the evening when the sun began to set we sat and reviewed the images with awe. Even though we didn’t get the images we went there expecting to get, we left with images that were just as appealing and we were satisfied with the results.


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