Kyla’s Graduation

Kyla and I met a couple months back when she visited my church along with some friends. I had taken a few photos of them and shared it with them. Fast forward to October when I got an email from a mutual friend of ours saying Kyla wants to get in touch with me. Ecstatic, I replied and  soon after I heard from Kyla and she explained to me that her graduation was coming up and she wanted a few shots after the ceremony with family and friends as a last hoorah to the university. The complication arose when she said she was home in Trinidad and wasn’t coming down until the day before graduation. 

The morning came and even though we spoke via email I always preferred meeting with clients before the appointed time. Kyla had suggested that I reach 1:00, so to give myself some breathing time I made plans to reach 12:30. The graduation ceremony commenced approximately 8:00 am and around 12:30 am. As I approached the grounds of the ceremony it began to rain and I worried it would ruin our plans. Since I was early, I explored the area a bit to find alternative spots for us to use should the rain pursue. I found a few spots I figured could be used as alternatives so I sat and waited for the ceremony to end. 

The ceremony ended on time and as the graduates piled out of the a/c tent and the rain had ceased and the sun began to peer from behind the dark clouds. Kyla met me with along with her parents and friends, after introductions were made we set out to create memories. We began with a few conventional shots with her parents using a few of the university’s popular spots as background. I was so happy to work with them as Kyla was just filled with joy and energy and her family was just so comical and frivolous. Shot after shot each image captured a moment of laughter and excitement. Kyla’s friends eventually jumped in as they began running jokes and goofing off, it was difficult for me to keep up as there was never a dull moment. Out of exhaustion her parents left us and we visited the spots I had originally allocated as backgrounds and  it wasn’t hard to find a shot as they danced and frolicked with smiles from ear to ear. 

The evening drew nigh and we agreed we had completed the day and she was happy with the photos. we bid our goodbyes and departed our separate ways. I prepared her package and delivered the soft copy to her since she went back home. Another happy customer and joyous moment to record. 

Kyla “Stefan! I am thoroughly pleased! Busy busy busy. Will chat with you more tomorrow. Excellent job!”



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